"Well, hasn't this worked out well for the two of you? I feel almost bad for busting in on this little rendezvous."
Stefan Bekowsky

A Marriage Made in Heaven is a Traffic case in L.A. Noire.


A man is found dead in the street. At first sight it's a hit and run, but all is not what it seems.

Persons of Interest


  • Investigate Ray's Café
  • Interview Shannon Perry
  • Interview Dudley Lynch
  • Call in Suspect Vehicle
  • Investigate Shelton Residence
  • Apprehend William Shelton
  • Notify Mrs. Pattison
  • Report to Central Morgue
  • Apprehend Lorna Pattison
  • Apprehend Leroy Sabo

Detailed Walkthrough

Ray's Cafe

Once you arrive at the crime scene, talk to the coroner. You should find the following clues:

Stencil Details
Amarriagemadeinheaven insurance letter.png
In the victim's left pocket.
Description Insurance letter found on Lester Pattison's corpse.
Clue White.png Clues Insurance letter
Location.png Locations Pattison Residence
Amarriagemadeinheaven wallet.png
In the victim's right pocket.
Description Wallet belonging to Lester Pattison, found on body at accident scene.
Clue White.png Clues Wallet
Amarriagemadeinheaven knife.png
In the alleyway, in a trash can in front of the dumpster.
Description Sta-Brite stainless steel kitchen knife, blade stained with blood.
Clue White.png Clues Bloody knife

  • Check the street for the blood drag marks.
  • Check the street for the separate blood drops.
  • Check the street for the tire marks.
  • Check the right side of the bar when entering for a Newspaper.
  • Note: Not finding the bloody knife at this point won't prevent you from getting the full five star rating.
    You can enter the poker room in the back of the cafe, which will result in Phelps commenting on it.

Interview Shannon Perry

You can find her standing on the sidewalk, next to the bar, with a police officer.

Question Response Response (Remaster) Evidence Clue/Location/P.O.I/Lead/Objective
Eyewitness report Truth Good Cop Clue.png Argument overheard
Suspect vehicle description Truth Good Cop Clue.png Red Lincoln Continental
Objective.png Call in Suspect Vehicle
Argument overheard Doubt Bad Cop POI.png Victim's wife

Go inside the bar and speak to the bartender.

Interview Dudley Lynch

Question Response Response (Remaster) Evidence Clue/Location/P.O.I/Lead/Objective
Hit and run incident Doubt Bad Cop
Association with victim Truth Good Cop
Argument overheard in bar Doubt Bad Cop Clue.png Lynch's statement
POI.png Leroy Sabo
Joint business venture Doubt Bad Cop

After your interview with Dudley, trace the license plate number using the telephone in the back of the bar or the gamewell outside. Before you leave, be sure to read the newspaper on the bar.

When you leave the bar, be careful to not contaminate the crime scene or you'll have to start the investigation over.

Pattison Residence

Go to the victim's address to meet his wife, Lorna Pattison.

Interview Lorna Pattison/Leroy Sabo

Question Response Response (Remaster) Evidence Clue/Location/P.O.I/Lead/Objective
Hit and run incident Doubt Bad Cop
Nature of argument Doubt Bad Cop
Partnership with Leroy Sabo Lie Accuse Insurance letter

After your interview with Lorna, go to the room on the right and use the telephone. You'll receive a message from the coroner, asking to see you in the morgue immediately. However, if you plan to go after the driver, you should go to the Shelton Residence first.

Not that it makes any difference really, but if you go there after your visit to the morgue, you'll hear the same dialogue. This will sound strange, because of the information you get from the coroner.

Shelton Residence

When you arrive, there will be a cut-scene, and then you'll have to chase him. If you don't manage to disable his car before you get to Union Station, he'll stop there by himself.

The Morgue

Head to the Morgue and talk to the coroner to find out the real cause of death.

If Phelps discovered the knife during his first visit to Ray's Café, the Stab-Rite achievement/trophy will be earned here. If not, then a new cut-scene will commence in which they have to go back to the crime scene to find the knife.

Ray's Cafe or Pattison Residence

If you didn't find the knife during your first visit to the crime scene, you need to go back to Ray's Cafe. You can find the knife in the alleyway, as described here. After this, go into the bar to confront Leroy Sabo. Following a short cut-scene, you'll have to chase him. Try to fire a warning shot at him before it turns into a shootout and you have to kill him.

If you did find it, go to the Pattison Residence. A short cut-scene will occur, where Leroy shoots Lorna, and then tries to escape. You'll have to chase him, as described above. Try to fire a warning shot at him (means you earn the achievement Not So Hasty) before it turns into a hostage situation.

Case Briefing

"Hit and run with one fatality, 208 North Los Angeles Street. The coroner is already en route to secure and examine the body. Now all that Bekowsky and I need to do is find a witness who can give details on the car. An eyeball witness, on the sidewalk outside a bar, in the middle of the night, sober enough to make a statement. How hard could that be?"

Case Notes

  • "Another visit to Ray's and you would have seen what Leroy was prepared to do to avoid jail."
  • "Assembling a brief of evidence sooner might have netted you Lorna as well as Leroy."
  • "The car did not kill Lester, but you allowed the driver to duck a failure to stop charge."
  • "With proper handling, your eyeball witness might have given a better description of the suspect vehicle."



  • The case was inspired by the true story surrounding the death of Jay Dee Chitwood in 1944. Information about the real case on the 1947 project time travel blog. It may also be inspired by the 1944 film Double Indemnity where the two protagonists intend to kill off the female lead's spouse to claim the insurance money.
  • The case's name may be a Rockstar reference to Grand Theft Auto III, where Fernando Martinez said while presenting his "marriage guidance" that the "union between a husband and his bride is made in heaven."
    • It's also possible that the case's name is intended to be ironic, referring to Lester and Lorna's less-than-idyllic marriage situation.
    • The name of the case could also be referring to the fact that one of the possible outcomes for the case is for both husband and wife to end up dead, both having been killed by the same murderer. Thus their marriage is one that was ultimately "made in Heaven".
  • If you wait until Leroy grabs the hostage and kill him, there is a GMC Pickup on the left for you to take if you haven't unlocked it yet.
  • Based on the case, this case could be first seen from trailer one where you hear Dr. Malcolm Carruthers saying "The victim was dead before the car hit him" and seeing someone who looks like the victim in this case.
  • Aaron Staton (Cole Phelps), and Michael Gladis (Dudley Lynch) are co-stars on the television series Mad Men.
  • If the player finds the bloody knife on the first sweep of the scene and then returns to the bar later on; Garrett Mason will have replaced Dudley Lynch behind the bar.
  • Curtis Benson, who will be one of the central characters in Arson cases, is the author of the insurance letter.
  • Cole and Bekowsky will talk about The Consul's Car case on the way to the crime scene.
  • The initial investigation for this mission begins at night. For some reason, however, the Bradygames game guide for L.A. Noire shows the mission starting in broad daylight. As the game guides are often compiled using pre-release versions of games, it's possible this mission was originally intended to start during the day.
  • Even if Phelps was told the cause of death by the coroner, he will still accuse Shelton of vehicular manslaughter.
  • Interestingly, if the player ignores Lorna's requests to leave the Pattison residence after the interrogation, they can search the house. If they go to the kitchen, there will be a knife rack on the counter. In it, there are knives matching the one that killed Lester Pattison. There is also one missing, indicating it is the one that was used to kill him. Unfortunately, Phelps cannot examine the rack.
  • This case is unique in that it's the only one where all suspects' fates are determinant on the player's actions. Depending on which action the player takes, both suspects can end up dead, one can end up dead, or both can survive.
  • Interestingly, if one is to arrest Shelton first, then complete a street crime before going to the Pattison residence, a line of dialogue will play, with Bekowsky calling Shelton a coward for 'running like a little girl and hoping things will go away.' Phelps will defend Shelton, claiming people panic in the moment, possibly referencing his experience at the Sugar Loaf Caves during his time in the war. This line may not internally play from Shelton's place of arrest to the Pattison residence due to the short journey.
  • If the player walks through the blood smear on the pavement at the crime scene, Carruthers will admonish Cole, saying "Hey! Watch where you step, Phelps, I don't go down to the station and tap dance on your desk."
  • If the player does not find the knife on the first sweep of the crime scene, when leaving the Pattison residence Leroy will follow you out, telling Lorna that "He's got a business to run." If you try to run him over with your car, it appears Leroy cannot be knocked down, and when he makes contact with the car he will instead say his generic line of dialogue.
  • The first beat cop you meet on the scene mistakenly calls Lester "Patterson," not "Pattison." This could be either an error with the script or actor.
  • It is possible to shoot Sabo while he is still on the run without waiting until he shoots back (if you can't find the knife the first time you go to the scene) or he takes a woman hostage (if you found the knife earlier).


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