"I thought it would be easier."
―Adrian Black

Adrian Black is a character in L.A. Noire. He is a person of interest and later a suspect in "The Driver's Seat".



Adrian was married to Margaret Black, and ran Saval Tool Company. However, Adrian and Margaret were both unhappy married together, yet neither of them attempted to separate. As a result, both were distant from each other, they slept in separate rooms, and Adrian spent much of his time away from home drinking at Cavanagh's Bar with Frank Morgan. While on business trips in Seattle, Adrian engaged in an affair with his secretary, Nicole, and eventually decided to start a new life with her. Adrian was too cowardly to file for divorce, so he decided to fake his death to cover a getaway with Nicole. With the help of Frank, the two abandoned Adrian's car in the P.E. Freight Depot along with his old pair of eyeglasses, his empty wallet, a pipe and finally, used blood from a live pig in order to fake Adrian's death by an attacker. Unfortunately for Black, Morgan was careless and left his slaughterhouse receipt behind, which was later found and recovered by Detectives Cole Phelps and Stefan Bekowsky.

Events of L.A. Noire

Phelps and Bekowsky managed to trace Adrian through Frank. While hiding out in Frank's apartment, Adrian waited to come into enough money to leave, but was confronted by Phelps and Bekowsky. After a brief chase, Adrian was arrested and charged for wasting police resources on a wild goose chase, conspiracy, adultery, resisting arrest, and fraud. It is later revealed that Adrian's mistress dumped him, while his wife forgave him and took him back.

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  • The narrative is based on the real February 1947 incident in which businessman Eugene Hamilton White, 31, a tool company executive faked his own death and fled to Seattle.
  • Adrian is referenced in the street crime "Canned Fish". Upon arresting Morgan, Phelps comments "Say hi to Adrian for me".
  • He is also referenced in the Vice case, "The Set Up" when Phelps sees an InstaHeat advert in a magazine in Albert Hammond's hotel room.
  • According to Adrian's driver's license, he is 5'8" and 167 lbs.


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