"Regulator valve. Good find."
―Albert Lynch

Albert Lynch is a character in L.A. Noire. He is a fire investigator, who operates out of the Engine Company No. 27 fire station.



Lynch is a fire investigator with the Los Angeles Fire Department. He shows himself to be very widely adept and knowledgeable about fires and arson. Lynch mainly operated out of the LAFD Station 27 in Wilshire. He had a close working relationship with the LAPD's Arson squad. Along with Herschel Biggs and Lachlan McKelty, Lynch had a strong dislike for notorious pyromaniac, Herbert Chapman.

Events of L.A. Noire

While investigating the Sawyer house, Lynch was met by Biggs and Cole Phelps, though Lynch was surprised that Biggs had a partner. While examining the scene, Lynch caught sight of Chapman and pointed him out to Phelps. Chapman was arrested by Phelps under suspicion of causing the fire. After discovering the tampered regulator valve, Lynch demonstrated a theory with gas experiment and the regulator valve. The experiment indicated that the arsonist was sabotaging water heater regulator valves to cause the house fires. Lynch suggested investigating InstaHeat for leads on the water heater models.

Though Lynch operates out of the Station 27, in-game you will need to meet him at Fire Station 32.

Lynch along Malcolm Carruthers, Biggs and Phelps later investigated the gruesome Morelli house fire, the bodies of the family charred and twisted from the "prayer effect". Lynch carefully inspected the remains and the scene. His analysis indicated that the arsonist moved the bodies, possibly out of guilt, leading to a complicated theory regarding the true arsonist.

Lynch is not encountered again. However, it is presumed that he continued with his career as a fire investigator.


"I deal in facts, Phelps."
―Albert Lynch

Albert Lynch is regarded, alike Herschel Biggs, as kind of an institution, as he is very wary with whom he lets into his inner sanctum. Albert is a very professional and rational person, dealing in facts and does not let premature and assumed ideas take control, making him a very reliable fire investigator. As a result, he is highly respected by his peers and colleagues. Biggs in particular strongly respected and valued Lynch's knowledge and input, presumably learning a great deal about fires and arson from Lynch. Lynch does not even let his emotions get a hold of himself when Herbert Chapman is arrested, and tries to look at the hard facts rather than anything else.

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