"I ain't saying a goddamn thing."
―Mendez's last words before being jailed

Alonzo Mendez is a character in L.A. Noire. He is a person of interest in the Homicide case The Red Lipstick Murder.



Mendez frequented at The Bamba Club. He was one of many who developed interest in Celine Henry, who also drank there. One night, Celine's husband refused to pick her up, prompting Mendez to offer her a ride. The two went out for dinner at the Turkey Bowl Restaurant. Mendez later dropped off Celine at her home, who was later kidnapped and brutally murdered by the Black Dahlia Killer. The killer later infiltrated Mendez's apartment, and left the used lipstick and the bloodied socket wrench to successfully frame him.

Events of L.A. Noire

While investigating Celine's murder, Detectives Phelps and Galloway confirmed that Mendez was the last person to see Celine alive. They tracked him to his apartment, where they discovered numerous pieces of evidence including the murder weapon. As Mendez returned to the apartment, he attempted to flee from the detectives, but he was eventually apprehended after a car chase, and arrested for Celine's murder. Throughout his incarceration and interrogation, Mendez refused to confess, or even say anything in his defense. Mendez was formally charged by Phelps for the murder of Celine Henry and sent to prison. However, after the real killer was discovered, Mendez was quietly released, and his charges were dropped.

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