American LaFrance Type 500 Fire Engine is a service class vehicle available in L.A. Noire. It is easily identifiable as being a 1941-46 narrow body model commonly operated by many Engine Companies of the Los Angeles Fire Department.


It is one of the first streamlined fire apparatus of its day and was equipped with 500, 750 or 1250gpm pumps. Typical of many southern California fire apparatus it has an open "convertible" top due to the often warm dry weather of the locales it served, as well as being an easier mode of exiting the vehicle at the scene of a fire. The truck seats two in the cab with room for at least six on the side running boards and the rear step (still known in the fire service as "riding tailboard"), as it was in service when firemen could still ride on the outsides of fire apparatus.

Many of the American LaFrance vehicles were powered by a Lycoming V-12 engine. Lycoming (as a subsidiary prior to the Auburn-Cord-Rosenberg bankruptcy and subsequent breakup) also made the V-8 engines used in the Cord vehicles depicted in the game. Lycoming is now known for its aircraft engines.


When starting any case on the Vice desk simply look left from where Roy's car is and you will see it on the other side of the wall.


Despite not being classed as a police vehicle, the player will continue to receive radio alerts from dispatch regarding Street Crimes they may attend whilst driving the Fire Engine, and it has its own, unique fire engine siren complete with clanging bell. Although limited in top speed and slow to accelerate, it can batter practically any other vehicle off the road owing to its immense mass, which players who are poor or malicious drivers may find useful.

It is the most expensive vehicle in the game, valued at $12,459, according to the Rockstar Social Club. Wrecking four of these during one case would be more than enough to earn the Public Menace achievement, though doing so would lower your overall score on the case.

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