"This is Arson. There are no ropes."
―Herschel Biggs

A burned house in Los Angeles

The Arson Desk is a Department of the LAPD in L.A. Noire. Arson is concerned with crimes of maliciously, voluntarily, and willfully setting fire to buildings, forest areas, other property of another, or of burning one's own property for an improper purpose, such as to collect insurance. The Arson Desk also works side-by-side with the Los Angeles Fire Department and fire investigator Albert Lynch.

Cole starts work in the Arson desk after being demoted from the Vice department following the scandal attached to him. The Arson desk is located at Wilshire Police Station (Same division which Cole was working while he is in Patrol), and Cole's partner is well-known Detective and loner, Herschel Biggs. The captain of the Arson Department is Lachlan McKelty.

Arson is considered the most boring and lowly department in the LAPD and is most likely the reason that Phelps was reassigned here after he was demoted.