The Black Residence is a location in L.A. Noire. The residence is located at 620 Bunker Hill Ave. in Bunker Hill. It is a middle class house just a couple of blocks north of the Central Police Station, near Barbara Lapenti's boarding house.

During The Driver's Seat, Phelps and Bekowsky will have an option to visit this location and interview Margaret Black.


When visiting the Black residence, Cole Phelps and Stefan Bekowsky will be given permission to search the house. Viewing some objects in the house will unlock questions for Cole to ask Miss Black. Here is list of objects that Cole Phelps will need to view in order to unlock the questions:

  • View the match book in the dining room, next to the newspaper.
  • View the water heater receipt (located in the kitchen on the table).
  • View the water heater advertisement pamphlet (view both the front and the back. It's located on the table next to water heater receipt).
  • Fix the water heater. Go out back through the kitchen and take a left, past the basket of cut flowers and you will see a dismantled water heater. Fixing the water heater will earn the achievement/trophy The Plot Thickens.
  • Picture of Adrian Black in bedroom to the back of the house, and the glasses case next to the photo. Train ticket on suitcase in the closet of the same room.
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