"Hit the sidewalk, all of you! This place is closed for business."
Stephen Vagg

"Bowling Lane Robbery" is a Homicide street crime case in L.A. Noire.


LAPD officers Phelps and Galloway receive a call from KGPL that a robbery is occurring at Rawling's Bowling Alley. A man named Vagg is clearing out patrons of the bowling alley while another robber named Benny Keever is trying to open the safe. Then Phelps and Galloway arrive.

Dispatch Call Script

Dispatch: All units, a citizen reports a 211 in progress at Ninth and Grand. All units to handle Code Three, identify.

Cole Phelps: 11 King responding, go ahead.

Dispatch: Car 11 King , a 211 is in progress in Ninth and Grand at Rawling's Bowling Alley. Code Three.


When the civilians are clear, Vagg starts shooting at the detectives with his shotgun. However, Phelps and Galloway do not arrive with their own car at the crime scene. Their Nash Super 600 is parked on the side of the road. Phelps shoots and kills Vagg after he steps out the bowling alley doors. The detectives then move up to the doors where they encounter a second man, Jake or Mikey, with a shotgun. Phelps also kills him. Cole and Rusty go inside where they encounter yet another man, Jake or Mikey, with a shotgun crouched behind a rack of bowling balls. He is, as well, killed by Phelps.

The last robber, Keever, armed only with a revolver, calls out to his posse, and realizing they are dead, flees to the rooms behind the lanes. Phelps chases the final suspect who has taken one of the staff hostage. Phelps skillfully kills him and the hostage is saved. Note: if the player shoots the gunman behind the counter (the one wearing green clothes) on the left before his accomplices, there is no need for the hostage situation.

Video Walkthrough

Bowling Lane Robbery - Street Crime - L.A

Bowling Lane Robbery - Street Crime - L.A. Noire