Buick Super is a Police class vehicle available in L.A. Noire.


It is identifiable as the 1947 model. The Buick Super is an iconic car of the 1940s recognizable by its vertical chrome grille and gun sight hood ornament. One can always be found in the car park of the Wilshire Police Station.


The vehicle is the player's car during all of the Traffic cases. Stefan Bekowsky, Cole Phelps's partner while working in Traffic, owns a Buick Super. In the Vice case Reefer Madness, Ray Pinker drives one while arriving at the soup factory.

Even though the car is not a marked police car, it has a police radio and siren, without lights, in the car.

Case Appearances






  • This car is most likely Phelps' personal police car. Although Phelps uses different cars for each desk, this car is seen in the Vice desk during Manifest Destiny, when Earle and Phelps split up. While Earle keeps his Cadillac, Phelps drives a Buick Super. Additionally in The Naked City, when Phelps encounters Galloway and Bekowsky, they both ride in Galloway's Nash Super 600, not the Buick Super. During Streets of LA (Arson), if Phelps destroys or leaves Biggs' Hudson Commodore, and drives back to the Wilshire Police Station, a Buick Super (Police) will spawn there.
  • Stefan Bekowsky's Buick Super has the same licence plate as Rusty Galloway's Nash 600 (1C 02 85)
  • The Buick Super with the license 1C 02 85 may possibly be Cole's, due to the fact that he is seen driving it in Manifest Destiny. Conceivably, however, he borrowed Bekowsky's. Phelps' personal vehicle, seen in the opening credits, is a reddish-brown Chrysler Town and Country.


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