The Cadillac Series 61 is a 4-Door class vehicle available in L.A. Noire. It appears to have been mildly customized, featuring aftermarket driving lights and "cat eye" headlight covers (most noticeable at night). The Cadillac Series 61 Touring Sedan is a postwar (1947) version of essentially the same car, differing largely in grille and trim.


One of the rarer cars, it can sometimes be found in the following areas:

  • In the shopping mall parking lot in North Hollywood, where the "Nightmare Alley" film reel is found.
  • 5th Street between San Pedro and Maple Avenues.
  • Also found in Wilshire in the small children's park on 2nd Street.
  • In the parking lot on the corner of 2nd and Hill St. (Right near the right corner of the "T" in Central on the map).
  • Union Station parking lot.

There is however no absolute location for this car. The best strategy is to check these areas at different times (people have reported to have better luck during the day than at night), and to check around these areas (i.e. a three to five block radius).

  • An easy way to locate this car is to perform the Street Crime case "Hot Property" from the Arson Desk. Follow the suspect until he crashes his truck. There will be at least one of these vehicles at the site. Enter the car before approaching and arresting the suspect.
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