"Nice car, Roy. Is it Department issue?"
―Cole Phelps
"No. This is my sled. You can't been seen slumming it in a Nash if you're in Vice, Cole."
―Roy Earle

The Cadillac Series 62 Convertible is a police class vehicle in L.A. Noire.


It is identifiable as a 1947 model, matching the hardtop version also available in the game. It is a two-door luxury car that always appears with a red paintjob.


The vehicle is main driveable car in the Vice cases, and is Roy Earle's private vehicle. He states that, as a Vice cop, he cannot be seen "slumming it in a Nash," alluding to the cheaper Nash Super 600 used by Rusty Galloway. Earle's car is fitted with a siren and a radio for police work. It requires a wider amount of turning space than the vast majority of other cars - virtually akin to service trucks. Therefore, take this on board during car chases.

Case Appearances



As a police vehicle, it is provided in every vice case

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