California Fire and Life is a Los Angeles insurance company that appears in L.A. Noire. Claims investigator and secondary protagonist, Jack Kelso works for California Fire and Life before he becomes an investigator for Assistant D.A., Leonard Petersen. It is revealed later on in the story that Vice President of California Fire and Life, Curtis Benson is also a part of the Suburban Redevelopment Fund, and the scandal attributed to it.

The company's corporate office is a location visited in the later cases.

Events of L.A. Noire

California Fire and Life is first introduced in the Traffic case A Marriage Made in Heaven as the company who provided life insurance to the victim, Lester Pattison.

Later in the Vice case Manifest Destiny when Cole Phelps searches for Jack Kelso. It is revealed through the Records and Investigation Bureau of the LAPD that Jack Kelso works for California Fire and Life.

Later on in the game, in the Arson case House of Sticks, Cole Phelps seeks the help of Jack Kelso through Elsa Lichtmann. It appears that she received a cash settlement of $20,000 as Lou Buchwalter died in an accident. Elsa refuses this settlement, and asks Jack Kelso to investigate the issue, as Phelps ordered her to. This leads Kelso to discover that the Suburban Redevelopment Fund and California Fire and Life are related.

The office building for California Fire and Life can be explored prior to its appearance in House of Sticks during the Vice Desk free roam mode. Several areas not seen in House of Sticks are accessible, including a mezzanine claims area and a working elevator which takes player into the main area where Kelso and Benson's offices can be explored.

California Fire and Life also allows its investigators to be armed while "on-duty", this can be proven by Kelso's use of a Browning Hi-Power as a sidearm.

Known Employees


  • The layout of the California Fire and Life building appears to be a direct reference to the film Double Indemnity (1944), whose Pacific All Risk Insurance building featured the same office "pit" and upper level catwalk of offices.


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