Elinor Hopkin: "His camera! That pervert took a picture of my..."
Marlon Hopgood: "Aw, fuck."

"Camera Obscura" is a Vice street crime case in L.A. Noire.


In this case, Phelps will have to track down a pervert, Marlon Hopgood.

Dispatch Call Script

Dispatch: Any Central unit, citizen reports suspicious activity on a trolley car on Fountain Ave. Stand by for further information. Any Central unit.

Cole Phelps: Car 11 King, go ahead with the further.

Dispatch: 11K, see the woman, a 288 just occurred on the Angelino Heights trolley, currently stopped near Fountain and Bronson. Call in for further information. 11K, Code Two.

Cole Phelps: 11K, roger.

Roy Earle: A 288. Now that's more like it. You can't go wrong with a little lewd conduct.


The case begins with Phelps interviewing Elinor Hopkin about the act. She claims that a man took a private snapshot of her with his camera. When Phelps asks where he went, the woman sights the man harassing another woman across the street and points him out. Phelps and Earle rush toward him, but the suspect sees them, nonchalantly tosses the camera in his car, and starts driving away. Phelps and Roy get in their car and chase after him. The chase goes through many alley ways and lots before the suspect's vehicle is hit by a tram and he is arrested.

Note: Roy will not shoot the suspect's wheels, so there is a bit more difficulty to arrest him before he crashes his car. It's easier to just follow Hopgood till he crashes into the trolley, as he drives very fast and takes very sharp corners, and getting hung up on just one corner could mean having to restart the case.

Video Walkthrough

Camera Obscura - Street Crime - L.A

Camera Obscura - Street Crime - L.A. Noire


  • The translation of the street crime in Spanish, "Las Cámaras se Oscurece," roughly translates in English to "The Camera Darkens," referring to Hopgood's type of perversion in the mission. Also, "Camera Obscura" means "Dark camera" in Portuguese.
  • Camera obscura is a term used to describe the visual effect of early pinhole cameras.
  • Phelps and Earle do not refer to Hopgood by his name or even acknowledge that he is a Vice informant, hinting towards the fact there was an oversight in development
  • Elinor Hopkin's friend, shares the same model of the alive Deidre Moller.