"No, no, no. NO!"
―Celine Henry's last words

Celine Axford Henry is a minor character in L.A. Noire. Celine Henry is the murder victim in "The Red Lipstick Murder" case.



An aviator and famous during her time, Celine loved flying, was strongly admired and caught the attention of many suitors. One of her old boyfriends was Dick McColl, who bought her a large garnet ring. Celine met Jacob Henry while he was on leave. The two married once the war was over, and Jacob left the corps.

Celine became quickly unhappy being married to Jacob, having given up her piloting days and celebrity lifestyle to settle down with her husband. Celine became depressed and an alcoholic. Celine's frustration easily erupted and she would direct her aggression towards Jacob and at times physically attacked him. Celine coped with her depression by frequently drinking, particularly at McColl's bar, The Bamba Club, and even often flirted with other men.

Events of L.A. Noire

During an argument, Celine realized that her husband was attempting to have her committed for her alcoholism, hence why she attacked Jacob with a frying pan in a drunken rage. However, Jacob finally struck back at Celine, giving her a black eye. After a night of drinking at The Bamba Club, she caught the attention of Alonzo Mendez who offered her a ride. They went to the Turkey Bowl Restaurant for dinner and she later returned home.

However, she was abducted and brutally murdered by the Black Dahlia killer. Her body was later found in The Moors naked and covered with messages written in lipstick on her body. Detective Cole Phelps examined her body and her husband, Jacob, became a strong suspect in the case. Mendez, however, was charged as the evidence was placed in his apartment, but eventually it was revealed that the true killer was Garrett Mason.

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  • Celine apparently had children before meeting Jacob. Jennifer Horgan said to have known Celine for many years and that they raised children together around the same time.


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