The Central Morgue is a location in L.A. Noire. This is the primary office of the coroner Dr. Malcolm Carruthers, M.D.. The player visits the morgue to talk with Dr. Carruthers about his findings during several cases. The interior of the morgue is very small, with only a few examining rooms and offices.


The Central Morgue is located at 4 Macy Street in Downtown, Los Angeles, just out of the tunnel on Broadway, just to the right of the tunnel as you exit is Central Morgue.There are either two ambulances or one ambulance and the coroners van parked in the parking lot out in front of the building. The Central Morgue is similar-looking to the morgues at both the Wilshire Police Station and the Hollywood Police Station.


Besides Dr. Carruthers and his "patients," only one other individual is regularly seen in the Central Morgue. This is a janitor who is typically sweeping the floor and making random, often humorous, comments.


Xbox 360, PS3 - If you go into the Coroner's office where his desk is, don't go into the corner where his chair is or you may get stuck.


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