Clyde Hart is a character in L.A. Noire. He is a Patrol officer of the Los Angeles Police Department.



Officer Clyde Hart is a patrol officer for the Los Angeles Police Department. He is the police officer in charge of patroling the Freight Depot.

Events in L.A.Noire

Hart first appears during the case The Driver's Seat, in which he 'babysits' a witness, Nate Wilkey, at the P.E. Freight Depot crime scene. He tells Wilkey, who was nervous about the procedure, to relax, and to speak to the detectives truthfully.

Hart appears later at the crash site in The Fallen Idol, next to the Chevy Skyline. side-mission "Army Surplus," in which he attempts to stop the armed robbery of Uncle Sam's Army Surplus. After catching the thieves, the store's owner, Irwin Bousman, exits, intoxicated and armed with a gun, and threatened to kill the robbers, as they have robbed him three times. While Hart attempted to calm the situation, the thieves took advantage of the situation, shot and kill Bousman, and shot Hart. Cole Phelps and Stefan Bekowsky arrived on the scene and killed the two thieves.

However, Hart was not killed in the shootout. He appeared again during the The Studio Secretary Murder at the crime scene. He gave a report to Cole Phelps and Rusty Galloway. After the detectives found out that John Ferdinand Jamison, the man who came across the body of Evelyn Summers, was a necrophiliac, Galloway ordered Hart to take him away. He later stood guard by the interview room which Tiernan was being detained in.

Hart made a final appearance in the opening cutscene of The Gas Man on Phelps' first day on the Arson squad. He was one of the officers standing in the back of the briefing room.


  • "The witnesses, Detective. They have the information you're after."
  • "My job is to secure the crime scene. You need to review the evidence and speak to the witnesses."

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