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Collectibles in L.A. Noire are items found throughout the game.

Gold Film Reels

Main article: Gold Film Reels

There are fifty scattered around Los Angeles, all named for films of the era.

Police Badges

Main article: The Badge Pursuit Challenge

The Police Badges as part of the Badge Pursuit Challenge are available only with the EB Games/GameStop/Game pre-order bonus and subsequently released DLC of the same content. There are twenty police badges scattered around Los Angeles, finding all twenty unlocks the Dapper Button Man suit.

Negatives Scanned and locations given on TerminalGamer.com.


Main article: Landmarks

There are 30 landmarks in this game to find. When you find one, the landmark will be added to your map and you will receive 5 experience then if you level up you receive an intuition point. When all 30 landmarks are found the player unlocks the Star Map achievement.


Main article: Newspapers

There are 13 newspapers scattered around the city, found during cases. Each newspaper has a "back-story revealing cut-scene".


Main article: Novels

(Remastered Edition exclusive) There are 8 novels scattered around Los Angeles. These are not required for 100% completion, but do reward the Well Read Individual achievement and Hard-Boiled Detective outfit when all are found.

Golden Records

Main article: Golden Records

(Remastered Edition exclusive) There are 20 gold records scattered around Los Angeles. These are not required for 100% completion, but do reward the You Found My Tune! achievement when all are found.


Main article: Vehicles

There are 95 vehicle types drivable by the player. For each type, the game remembers whether the player has driven it. Each driven vehicle type counts a few tenths of a percent towards game completion. When the player (not his partner) starts the engine of a previously not driven vehicle type, the game will show the vehicle type and the number of vehicle types driven so far in the lower left corner of the screen. Driving the fifth vehicle type awards the Auto Enthusiast trophy. Since the police cars used change from partner to partner, this happens automatically during the plot. Driving the 40th vehicle type unlocks the Auto Collector award. Having driven all 95 vehicle types unlocks the Auto Fanatic achievement.