The Cord 810 Softtop is a hidden vehicle available in L.A. Noire. With body designed by the legendary Gordon Buehrig and chassis and drivetrain by August Duesenberg, the Museum of Modern Art named this one of the 10 most significant cars of the 20th century. The distinctive hood earned it the name "coffin-nosed Cord". Unfortunately, its parent company, Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg, went bust during the Depression and very few Cord 810/12s and even fewer supercharged versions were ever built.


This car is identified as a 1936 model 810 but is in fact a 1937 model 812 supercharged, marked by its external chrome exhaust stacks; it features front-wheel drive and hidden headlamps. As the result of being FWD, it sat so low to the ground it did not require running boards. This was also one of the first production cars made that featured pop-up headlights, which are depicted in the up position in game. The car featured a supercharged 4.7 liter Lycoming V8, producing 170 BHP. The term "Suped-up" was actually created for this car, as "Suped" refers to the supercharger.


  • It can be used as a chase vehicle in the street crime Hotel Bandits.
  • The non-supercharged Cord Hardtop is in the 2-Door category of the Vehicle Showroom.
  • Sometimes the Cord 810 Softtop can additionally be found parked at the Army Base, on the parking lot next to the car track.


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