"He loved the music, but the music didn't love him."
―Elsa Lichtmann

Cornell Eustace Tyree is a character in L.A. Noire. He is a victim in "The Black Caesar" case.



Tyree played in a four piece band with Tyrone Lamont, Bittleston, and Bowe, their band was comprised by musical booking agent Jermaine Jones. The band played at The Blue Room, sometimes accompanying Elsa Lichtmann. However, Tyree and Lamont were drug addicts and became heavily dependent on morphine. He bought morphine from the Black Caesar Food Hut, from vendor Fleetwood Morgan, who received daily supplies from Jermaine Jones, who received it from Lenny Finkelstein, a lieutenant in the Cohen Crime Syndicate. Morgan distributed the morphine out of the hut, by strapping the syrettes to the bottom of popcorn cups. Tyree received the morphine in this manner, even in broad daylight. He went back to his apartment to use it with Lamont. However, both of the men overdosed and died, Tyree falling on the floor, and Lamont dying in a chair.

Events of L.A. Noire

Vice detectives Cole Phelps and Roy Earle responded to Tyree and Lamont's deaths. They discovered that they had, in fact, overdosed on the morphine. They also found many popcorn cups from the hut. Under one of the cups, Phelps discovered a syrette of morphine, providing a lead of the distribution process. With this evidence, the detectives left the apartment, and followed the lead to the Black Caesar food hut.

Case Appearances



  • Earle made a joke about the four deceased band members, calling them a 'no piece.'
  • Phelps said that "the good die young" when searching Tyree's wallet. He also hoped that that was true for Tyree.