Deidre Moller is a character in L.A. Noire. Deidre Moller is the murder victim in The Golden Butterfly Homicide case.



Deidre was married to Hugo Moller and they had a daughter together named Michelle. Despite a mundane life as a housewife, Deidre and Hugo had marital problems, which on one occasion led to domestic violence. Hugo would apologize by buying Deidre fancy jewelry such an Elgin wristwatch and a golden butterfly brooch.

Events of L.A. Noire

When Michelle went to a high school dance one evening, Deidre and Hugo argued over who should pick up their daughter from school. Deidre went to the school but was attacked and abducted by the Black Dahlia killer, and was later brutally beaten and strangled.

Her body was later found stripped naked, and all of her jewelry was stolen. Eli Rooney and her husband were suspected of the murder, but it was eventually revealed that the true killer was Garrett Mason.

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  • Deidre's wedding ring and matching ruby engagement ring were brought from Hartfield's Jewelry Store.
  • Deidre was a member of the Belmont High School's Parent Teacher Association.
  • It can be inferred that Deidre was born on August 16th.
  • She is the only murder victim not to get drunk on the night of her murder.


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