"I carried a torch for Celine in those days. Guess I always have."

Dick McColl is a character in L.A. Noire. He is a person of interest in "The Red Lipstick Murder" case.



Dick McColl is the owner and proprietor of The Bamba Club, a Los Angeles bar. McColl was one of Celine Axford's boyfriends during her years as an aviator and celebrity. During their time together, McColl bought Celine a large red garnet ring, a distinct prize piece of jewellery that she continued to wear, even after their separation.

Celine and McColl remained good friends, though the former still held feelings and an attraction for Celine. McColl would later become friends with Celine's husband, Jacob Henry. However, it was obvious to McColl that their marriage was in trouble and that Celine wasn't happy. Celine often got into fights with Jacob and she became an alcoholic, frequenting at McColl's bar.

Events of L.A. Noire

McColl was visited by Detective Cole Phelps, who revealed that Celine was murdered. In order to account for Celine's movements and track down her killer, Phelps questioned McColl, who gave background information on Celine and her husband. McColl also revealed that he rang Jacob to pick up Celine, but did not answer, thus giving Jacob a partial alibi. McColl also gave Phelps Alonzo Mendez's license number and gave Celine's home address.

Case Appearances



  • The only way for the player to earn the trophy/achievement Round Heels, is to get McColl to give up the license plate number for Mendez. This can be done by getting the correct answers during questioning.
  • If the player fails to choose the correct answers during questioning, Phelps has to go to the Turkey Bowl Restaurant and get the information out of Joe Nesco.



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