The Dodge Fuel Truck is a service class vehicle available in L.A. Noire. It is identifiable as a 1939 model.


The truck has three colors; one for each company: red for Alaco, blue and orange for Keane's Motor Oils and red and white for Rapid Exterminators (though its not clear what use a fuel truck would be to an exterminator). Note that only the Alaco logo can be seen in the Vehicle Showroom.


The vehicle can be found in Wilshire, Westlake, the Warehouse District and Boyle Heights. There is also one outside of Rapid Exterminators in the arson case A Different Kind of War.


The Dodge Fuel Truck is the second slowest vehicle in the game, at 65 MPH, losing only to the Willys Overland which has a top speed of 55 MPH.


Dodge Fuel Truck Keane's.jpg
Dodge Fuel Truck Alaco.jpg
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