Donald Sandler is a character in L.A. Noire. He is the District Attorney of Los Angeles.



As District Attorney, Sandler's job involved prosecuting the criminals of of Los Angeles, many included criminals and suspects arrested by Detective Cole Phelps. Sandler had a strong working relationship Police Commissioner William Worrell and Mayor Fletcher Bowron. All of them ultimately turned to corruption and became part of Leland Monroe's Suburban Redevelopment Fund. Sandler invested money into the SRF, officially for the development of homes for GIs. However the true intent of the group was to extort millions of dollars from the government.

Events of L.A. Noire

Sandler met with Worrell and Bowron to discuss damage control over a certain scandal, which involved the LAPD's Vice department taking bribes from a prostitute known as "Brenda". The scandal threatened to ruin the current administration if it went public. However, Roy Earle offered an alternative story to distract the press. He sold out Phelps, and told them about his affair with Elsa Lichtmann. Later, along with Worrell and Cpt. Donnelly, Sandler revealed to Phelps the adultery charges against him, citing that convicted criminals can't serve in the LAPD.

However, Phelps, Herschel Biggs and Jack Kelso investigated the SRF, discovering the conspiracy and threatened to expose the corruption of those involved, including Sandler. Assistant District Attorney Leonard Petersen offered Worrell a chance to bargain his way out. Their deal ensured that the involvement of Worrell, Bowron and a few others would be concealed, in exchanged for giving Peterson the position of District Attorney. With the SRF undone and Monroe imprisoned, Peterson replaced Sandler. However, Sandler's fate is unknown, whether his corruption was exposed and later imprisoned, or if his involvement was concealed and free of charges.

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