Downtown, or Downtown Los Angeles or Downtown L.A., is a neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles in L.A. Noire. Downtown is considered the heart of Los Angeles and is where many of the city's tallest buildings, retail stores, and municipal and government buildings are located, such as Los Angeles City Hall and the Los Angeles Public Library. Downtown is considered the city's Central Business District, and consists of almost all commercial and retail districts with a large pedestrian presence. Downtown also includes many alleyways and side streets, unlike the rest of the city, as well as many Pacific Electric Railway Streetcar lines and railroad yards. Downtown is bordered by Westlake to the West and Boyle Heights to the East on the other side of the Los Angeles River


Downtown consists of a total of four subdistricts or neighborhoods: Bunker Hill, Chinatown (also a landmark), the Theater District, and the Warehouse District.

Bunker Hill

Bunker Hill is Downtown's neighborhood to the North. Located on a hill that bears it's name, Bunker Hill is a mostly residential area with some commercial and retail districts. Many streets climb the Hill to reach the top, as one street goes under the Hill in a tunnel. As Bunker Hill moves South, it becomes more like the rest of Downtown, with high-rise buildings and stores. Bunker Hill gradually declines moving Southwest, and rises moving Northeast.


Also a landmark, Chinatown is Downtown's neighborhood to the Northeast, and consists of everything north of El Pueblo de Los Angeles and College St.

Theater District

The Theater District is Downtown's neighborhood to the South. The Theater District consists of some of Downtown's tallest buildings, as well as a large concentration of movie theaters and movie palaces, and centers itself around Broadway.

Warehouse District

The Warehouse District encompases a large industrial area West of Los Angeles St. between the main Downtown area and the Los Angeles River. The Warehouse District is the area in which all of the Traffic cases are set, as well as two Homicide cases, and the first case of the game, Upon Reflection. The Warehouse District consists of a multitude of factories, warehouses, gas towers, oil fields, and other industrial buildings connected to the railroad and many railroad yards. The Warehouse District is centered around Central Ave., Alameda St., and Santa Fe Ave.

Emergency Services

Downtown is protected by the LAPD's Central Police Station, the Central Receiving Hospital, and two fire stations of the Los Angeles Fire Department: Engine Company No. 4 in the Northeast area of Downtown and Engine Company No. 28 in the Southwest.

In L.A. Noire

Downtown Los Angeles is part of the LAPD's Central Division 1 and is protected by the Central Police Station, located at Hill St. and W. 1st St. Downtown is where Cole Phelps begins his Patrol beat near W. 7th St. in the case, Buyer Beware.

Downtown is also the location of most of the game's street crimes, mostly on the Traffic and Homicide Desks.