"Bad luck Eddie. Okinawa couldn't kill you, but knowing the wrong people in this city could."
Cole Phelps

Edward "Eddie" McGoldrick is a minor character in L.A. Noire.



McGoldrick was a member the Sixth Marines, having fought in the Okinawa campaign alongside Lieutenant Cole Phelps and Sergeant Jack Kelso as a rifleman. On their way home from the war, McGoldrick and his fellow Marines were shipped on board the SS Coolridge. They reflected on the unsatisfactory jobs they were returning home to, prompting Courtney Sheldon to coax them into stealing the ship's cargo of army surplus morphine to sell on the streets. With the exception of Kelso, they committed the theft, stealing half a million syrettes.

Upon returning to Los Angeles, Sheldon established a business arrangement with the Cohen Crime Syndicate in order to sell the morphine to abortion clinics and hospitals. With his share of the profits, McGoldrick bought the 111 Club, a prominent Hollywood jazz nightclub. Despite his lack of knowledge and experience in managing a nightclub, the hostess of the club considered him to be a likable boss. McGoldrick also sold some of the morphine to the musicians Bittleston and Bowe who worked at the club and were known drug addicts.

Events of L.A. Noire

However, there was a feud between the established crime boss Mickey Cohen and Sheldon. Cohen started selling the dangerous morphine to the addicted, gaining a considerable advantage on the city's drug trade. Sheldon, realizing this, pulled out of the deal with Cohen. Cohen retaliated by ordering the assassinations of the Marines involved in the morphine heist. Since Eddie didn't keep a low-profile, he inadvertently made himself an easy target; the club was frequently visited by Cohen's thugs who soon after murdered Eddie, along with Bittleston and Bowe in an execution shootout at the club. Eddie was the first victim, his murder meant as a warning to Sheldon.

Vice detectives Cole Phelps and Roy Earle, along with homicide detectives Stefan Bekowsky and Rusty Galloway, came to investigate the shooting. At the back of the club, Phelps found that Eddie was storing missing army supplies, including three BARs and a crate of Valor cigarettes. Phelps and Earle soon realized connections to the Coolridge heist.

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  • In Manifest Destiny, Stefan Bekowsky says that Eddie is 26 years old. But if the player checks Eddie's description in the notebook, it says that he is 32 years old. He is most likely 26.