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"You deaf? Do I have to beat on you?"
―The foreman
"Looks like you do."
―Jack Kelso

Fists are a primary hand-to-hand combat weapon featured in L.A. Noire. Hand to hand combat is a basic skill for an LAPD Detective and is useful if the player needs to take someone down in a non-lethal way.

Fist Fighting Controls

  • L2, left trigger or RMB is to lock onto your opponent (Note: you need to lock onto your opponents until you defeat them, otherwise Cole or Jack cannot fight back or dodge/block attacks).
  • X, A or LMB will make Phelps or Jack throw a punch.
  • Square, X or space will dodge, whilst holding the button puts the player into a blocking stance.
  • Triangle, Y or Q initiates a bold grappling move. You can swing the target left or right by turning on the left thumb stick if you're quick enough. However, if the enemy is not stunned, he will break free before you can throw or hit him.
  • Circle, B or R lets Phelps or Jack lunge in with a finishing move.


  • In a fight, if the player keeps his hat on until the opponent is down, they will receive the achievement/trophy Keep a Lid On. If the character's face is hit, the player may lose their hat.