"Give it your best shot, guys. The dead guy's a lowlife. I'm not expecting any miracles here."
―Floyd Rose to officers Cole Phelps and Ralph Dunn

Floyd Rose is a character in L.A. Noire. He was a homicide detective in the Los Angeles Police Department.



Floyd Rose was born in 1905. He joined the LAPD in 1922, at the age of 17, and later on became a detective in the Homicide department, where he was partnered with Rusty Galloway.

Events of L.A. Noire


He is first seen investigating the murder of Scooter Peyton, in which he briefed Officers Cole Phelps and Ralph Dunn once they arrived at the crime scene for an evidence search. After Phelps and Dunn did some digging, they found the the murder weapon and arrested the killer, Errol Schroeder. At Schroeder's apartment they found Rose's name in a notebook owned by Schroeder, hinting at Rose's corruption and taking bribes.


Rose's final appearance is on Phelps' first day in the Traffic department. When Phelps entered the briefing room, Rose was one of the Detectives also in the room.


"Floyd Rose of the Homicide Squad has decided to take early retirement. We will all miss Floyd and the steely edge he brought to his police work. The Department has arranged a wee drink at the Galway Arms to quench the mighty thirst a man gets from 25 years of police work."
Captain James Donnelly
Once Phelps was transferred to the Homicide department, it is revealed that Rose had taken an early retirement, albeit under shady circumstances. Phelps replaced Rose as Galloway's partner.

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