The Ford H-Boy is a hidden vehicle available in L.A. Noire. It is a modified 1932 Ford roadster, done in traditional hot-rod style.


First introduced in 1932, the basic design was phased out of US auto production in 1953, but continued to be used globally through the '70s, most recently in Simca military trucks. The 130 hp value noted above would have been indicative of a highly tuned flathead of the period (stock horsepower was 85); the current flathead speed record holder achieved 700 hp and 300 mph.


The correct name for this classic style of hotrod is 'highboy', generically any pre-1949 body placed on the frame sans fenders and running boards, but here a '32 Ford roadster body sans fenders and running boards. The traditional engine for a '32 Ford highboy is the Ford flathead V-8, often hotrodded with a Mercury crankshaft.

Events of L.A. Noire

The vehicle is driven by Gabriel Del Gado during the Traffic case The Consul's Car.

A green version of the H Boy belongs to a fugitive couple in the Homicide street crime "Thicker Than Water." However, this green version is not able to be driven, and the green color is not available in the vehicle showroom.


Bugs & Glitches

  • While driving on Vice desk, Roy Earle's foot often peeks out through the side of the car, about half of his foot in and half out.
  • Due to the open wheeled design, any slight head on or right front/left front contact should be enough to damage the wheels to a point where the car wouldn't be able to move.
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