Ford V8 Sedan is a vehicle available in L.A. Noire. It is identifiable as a 1940 model. The rear windows behind the front doors are longer than the windows found on the Ford Business Coupe. The trunk lines going up to the roof are one unbroken arc with the rear window. In prewar automobile terminology, a sedan was a four-seat closed car (either 2- or 4- door) whereas a coupe was a two-seater.


The best place to find it, is at the beginning of The Badger Game Street Crime, available as a chase vehicle option.

Can sometimes be found in the lot near the gas pumps of the Alaco Station on the corner of 3rd and Traction in Central LA near the hidden vehicle, Phantom Corsair.

There is a small possibility of it spawning in Downtown or Central.

As with most Rockstar games, the vehicle might start appearing a lot after acquiring it.


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