Golden Records are collectible items exclusively in the Remastered Edition of L.A. Noire. There are 20 records in Los Angeles, but unlike the Novels or Gold Film Reels, they are not marked or labeled with period-related song or album titles and are all identical. Finding all of them will reward the player with the You Found My Tune! achievement.


  • One next to a jukebox inside a diner on Wilcox Blvd, north of the intersection with Franklin Ave.
  • One at the back right corner inside The Blue Room.
  • One on the steps of a beige colored building on Carlos Ave.
  • One to the right of a yellow bulldozer at a construction site on Kenmore Ave.
  • One in front of a jukebox at Joe's Drive-in Diner.
  • One on top of a crate next to some flowers at Just Picked Fruit Market on Beverly Blvd.
  • One on the outside rear porch behind a blue house on Alexandria Ave.
  • One inside a shed between two properties east of the intersection with Grand View St. and 9th St.
  • One next to a jukebox at a diner on 3rd St.
  • One on top of the stage at Chinatown.
  • One behind the patisserie inside a small alcove loading bay northwest of where Flower St. and Figueroa St. meet together.
  • One on a floor inside a shack at the Hobo Camp.
  • One next to a large red dumpster in an alleyway east of Flower St.
  • One on top of a stack of boxeds inside the Technical Services room at Central Police Station.
  • One on the far left table inside Mirror Press Diner.
  • One next to a cigarette machine at Cavanagh's Bar.
  • One next to a jukebox at Southern Fried Chicken on Flower St.
  • One to the left of the counter at Uncle Sam's Army Surplus.
  • One next to some boxes in a corridor at The Bristol Hotel.
  • One on the top of some external stairs near a Rat-B-Gone billboard on Olympic Blvd.

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