"That's textbook policing and we need more of it in this Department."
―Gordon Leary

Captain Gordon Leary is a character in L.A. Noire. He is captain of the LAPD Traffic Department.


Events of L.A. Noire

"And now some housekeeping. A warm Central Division welcome for Detective Cole Phelps. Some of you guys may know Phelps. He's the cop who broke the jewerly store murder. Stand up and take a bow, Phelps."
―Leary introduces Cole to detectives in the briefing room.
Cpt. Leary is first seen in Cole Phelps' first day in traffic, when he

introduced Cole to the other detectives in the department room. Leary sent Cole and Stefan Bekowsky to investigate the disappearance of Adrian Black, the theft of the diplomatic vehicle of Juan Francisco Valdez, hit and run of Lester Pattison, A stolen car ring, and a possible D.U.I-related crash which involved June Ballard and Jessica Hamilton.

"You've developed such a reputation I'm not gonna be able to hold on to you any longer. You're getting promoted. Go on, get your new assignment. It was good working with you, son."
―Leary telling Cole on his promotion.

Leary is later seen after the shootout at the Intolerance Set. With the arrest of Mark Bishop after defeating a small army of Guy McAfee's thugs, out-performing the Vice department, Leary was more than pleased and informed Phelps of his promotion.

After Phelps' death, Leary attended his funeral to pay his respects. He sits in the other section; the one opposite the one Biggs, Elsa and Jack.


"Outta the way, Sherlock. I'm busy."
―Leary, to Phelps.
Leary is friendly, easy going and lenient towards his staff. Phelps and Bekowsky's cases end with unexpected but good results, generating good press, much to Leary's pleasure and gives high praise to Phelps. Leary is an honest cop, showing a cold attitude towards Roy Earle, indicating he's well aware of the infamous and corrupt police style of the Vice squad.

Case Appearances





  • One cutscene in the Homicide cases show Capt. James Donnelly occupying Leary's office, for reasons unknown.
  • Capt. Gordon Leary is the only one of Phelp's commanders who appears in his notebook.
  • Strangely enough, like all other captains, Leary is nowhere to be found in The Streets Of L.A. (Free Roam).