The Heil Colecto-Pak is a service class vehicle available in L.A. Noire. The truck always appears with a white paint job.


An easy way to get this vehicle is to respond to The Badger Game street crime on the Vice Desk. This street crime is located South East of the Wilshire Police Station on 4th Street. In this crime you chase a stolen police car. Immediately after the first turn in the chase, the Colecto-Pak will drive in front of you from the right. Stop and quickly get in it before you fail the street crime. (Not suggested, find another walkthrough don't try this one). You can also obtain this by driving around Elysian Fields' construction sites.

These will often be seen as background vehicles during some foot pursuits, such as the one in Warrants Outstanding. The suspect in the Theater Robbery street crime will usually crash into one of these in the alley at the end of the vehicle chase.


  • Any partner you have riding with you at the time will complain if you try to climb into one of these trucks.
  • The name refers to the manufacturer/model of the refuse collector/compactor body. They were made compatible with several truck chassis manufacturers, based on the customer's needs. In the game it is based on the International Harvester KB6.
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