The International D Series is a service class vehicle available in L.A. Noire.


At the start of the game, during the Upon Reflection case, one is parked at the crime scene in the alley, between the bloodstained door and the newspaper, specifically a red InstaHeat model, though it is locked. A second car just like that, which can be entered, can sometimes be found on the parking lot to the east from the bloodstained door.

This van can also be found behind the InstaHeat factory in Wilshire (at Harvard and Beverly). Its very similar to the sedan version except there are no windows at the back half of the van and the roof isn't made of wood.

In the Arson case The Gas Man, some vans can be located in the InstaHeat Factory parking lot. Matthew Ryan uses one as a getaway vehicle, but a trolley collides into his van, leading to his arrest.


  • Despite being in the Vehicle Showroom, the InstaHeat logo doesn't appear with the other colors.
  • When the trolley collides into Matthew Ryan's van, Herschel Biggs says "Trolley. Oh, Jesus!", like something was about to happen prior to his arrest.
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