International Police Wagon is Police class vehicle available in L.A. Noire. It is of the same series as the International D Series panel truck. It is commonly found at crime scenes.


The easiest way to drive it is during the case The Studio Secretary Murder, at the P.E. Freight Depot next to Chevrolet Coroner's Van and Studebaker Commander (Police). The Police Wagon will drive away once you have taken John Ferdinand Jamison into custody.

One can be found during the Bank Job street crime on the Homicide desk. This one can be difficult as if you get too close to the bank, the cut scene will start and the vehicle will be gone when the crime is finished. When heading to the location at 7th and Olive take Hill St. and turn on 7th towards Olive and park at the stop light then get out and run straight to it. If you do trigger the cut scene you can still run down the street and drive the wagon. Do this before going in the elevator.

During the Manifest Destiny case, one may pull up during the shootout at the Hollywood Post Office. Depending on where it stops, be careful when entering the vehicle as you may be vulnerable to enemy fire. Also, the Wagon may or may not be there once the shootout and clue gathering is over, so enter it while you can.

Two more can be found during the Bus Stop Shooting street crime on the Arson desk. Both are parked next to each other, blocking off a street just prior to the street crime site.


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