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"That place is dangerous, but it might be a good spot to hide."
Marlon Hopgood

The Intolerance Set is a location and a landmark in L.A. Noire.

In-Game Description

The Great Wall of Babylon set was built for D.W. Griffith's silent epic 'Intolerance'. More than 3,000 extras paraded past the altar and throne, beneath eight giant plaster elephants. The film - the most expensive ever produced at the time - flopped at the box office.


The location is an abandoned Hollywood film set and a landmark in L.A. Noire. The massive four square city block set was built for D.W. Griffith's 1916 silent epic film, Intolerance. The set was a reconstruction of ancient Bablyon for a scene in the film.

Events of L.A. Noire

Phelps engages in a shootout on the set during the case The Fallen Idol, and later he found the ring belonging to Evelyn Summers here. The set is located at Francisco and 8th in Central Los Angeles. This location is also known as "Movie Set" or "Jungle Drums Set", indicating that a fictional movie by the name of Jungle Drums is being produced there.

Case Appearances




  • A badge in the Badge Pursuit Challenge can be found here. Directly under the altar, find an entrance to the catacombs below the set.


  • Although it is featured prominently throughout the game, it is highly anachronistic to the 1940s. The real-life set was located about five miles north of its in-game counterpart. The set was located in Hollywood at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Drive, and was dismantled in 1919. This is one of the only major aspects of L.A. Noire to be intentionally anachronistic.
  • From 2001-2012, small replicas of the elephant towers marked the entrance to the Hollywood Pictures Backlot area of Disney California Adventure. The elephants were removed to transform the area into Hollywood Land. However, the pedestals, in which they sat on, stayed, but were repainted to match the look of a nearby area.
  • The Hollywood & Highland shopping complex which opened on November 9th 2001 was built to look like half of the Intolerance movie set with the archway and elephant columns built to the exact scale as seen on film. The idea was cooked up by none other than legendary American author Ray Bradbury.