Notebook - Intuition Points

Intuition points is a feature in L.A. Noire. Intuition points are gained throughout the game in various ways (discovering landmarks, answering questions correctly, ranking up, etc.) If a case is selected from the case selection screen, the player will begin the case with the maximum amount of intuition points (five). These can be used as an aid if the player runs into any difficulty – removing incorrect answers in an Interrogation, locating all remaining clues at a crime scene and asking the Rockstar Social Club for help.

As of January 2012, if the player asks the community for help on an interrogation question - the answer with the highest percentage will always be the correct answer, this goes for all interrogation questions in the game.

This feature is entirely optional, intended only as an assist to players, "The key point though is that using intuition points is entirely optional, players never have to use them if they don’t want to."[1]

Intuition points are regenerated as the player moves up through the ranks. However, once the maximum rank, 20, is reached, the game no longer tallies experience points and intuition points are no longer regenerated. As it's possible to max out the rank by the midpoint of the game (usually sometime during the Vice cases if the player has been collecting items like film reels and has been handling interviews correctly), intuition points by necessity become less of a crutch in the later stages of the game.