"Hey! I know you."
―Irwin Bousman

Irwin Bousman is a character featured in L.A. Noire. He is the owner of Uncle Sam's Army Surplus.

Events of L.A. Noire

Bousman is first encountered outside of Cavanagh's Bar during the case "The Driver's Seat", where he, clearly intoxicated, attempts to coax Cole Phelps into buying him a drink, claiming that they went to school together. However, Phelps ignored him.


A full body shot of Bousman.

Irwin Bousman: "Hey! I know you."
Cole Phelps: "No, you don't."
Irwin Bousman: "We were at school together. Hey - how about you buy me a drink for old time's sake?"

Bousman is later seen during the side-mission "Army Surplus", in which his store has been robbed. Officer Clyde Hart has caught the thieves. Bousman, intoxicated and armed with a weapon, came out, and threatened to kill the thieves, as they had previously robbed his store three times. When Hart was distracted, one of the thieves shot and killed Bousman, and wounded Hart. However, Phelps and Stefan Bekowsky arrived on the scene and killed the thieves.

Bousman can also be seen in Ray's Cafe during A Marriage Made in Heaven. Stefan Bekowsky questions him in regards to the crime, but he does not reveal any information and appears to be intoxicated again.

Case Appearances


Street Crimes (Traffic)


  • Bousman's character model can be seen as a pedestrian over Los Angeles.
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