Landmarks are a type of locations in L.A. Noire. There are 30 landmarks to discover, and for seeing all 30, the player will earn the Star Map achievement/trophy. Discovering a landmark provides 5 experience points to the player, which will help towards increasing your rank and unlocking additional intuition points. Every landmark contributes about 0.3% to the game completion statistics.

Some missions, such as The Fallen Idol will credit landmark discoveries if they include any of these sites among their investigation locations and the Cole hasn't discovered them previously. With a few exceptions, players familiar with the layout of Los Angeles will find some of these sites, such as Grauman's Chinese Theatre, in the same locations as they can be found in real life.

Only a small percentage of recognizable locations in L.A. qualify as landmarks. See locations for a list of other points of interest that can be located while driving around.


Landmark Locations

List of landmarks


  • If the player deletes his or her Social Club profile and starts a new game with a new profile, landmarks discovered while playing the old profile will still be marked as discovered but will not be counted in the statistics for the new profile, seemingly making it impossible to earn the Star Map achievement/trophy. Restarting the game will fix this. (PC)

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LA Noire Remaster - Landmarks Locations Star Map Trophy Achievement

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