"I can't stand it, Cole."
―Marie Phelps, after finding out about her ex-husband's infidelity.

Marie Phelps is a minor character in L.A. Noire.



She is the wife of Cole Phelps and mother of his two daughters. Phelps joined the USMC, shipping out to fight in the Okinawa campaign. Upon his return, he joined the LAPD. However, because Phelps was just as reluctant to discuss his family life as he was his war service. He refers to Marie as "the mother of my children", refusing to say more.

Events of L.A. Noire

Due to the stress and trauma of his experiences during the war, Cole had been emotionally and mentally damaged. It is never openly stated, but strongly implied that he became emotionally distant from his wife and daughters. Instead of them, he focused primarily on his detective work, which constituted his personal quest for redemption. Cole eventually developed a love interest in a German singer, Elsa Lichtmann, and the two began an affair.

Marie learned of this affair after anonymously receiving a set of photographs exposing Cole and Elsa's intimacy, greatly appalling Marie and upsetting their two daughters. With the affair public, Marie formally charged Cole with adultery, disgracing him, and later causing his demotion from Vice to Arson. Marie was angered and betrayed by Cole because of his affair and humiliated from being stalked by reporters and press. Cole returned home, attempting to explain himself. However, Marie refused to listen or let him see the girls; she simply threw out his belongings. To make matters worse, Cole could not even deny being in love with Elsa. Despite this, after Cole's death, Marie and her two daughters attended his funeral.

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  • Marie Phelps' actress is Connie Fletcher, the real-life wife of Aaron Staton (the actor who plays Cole Phelps).
  • Marie and her daughters can very briefly be spotted in the first row at the funeral.
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