Marlon Hopgood is a character in L.A. Noire. He is a person of interest in "The Fallen Idol" and the suspect in "Camera Obscura".



Hopgood is the owner of The Silver Screen Prop Store, and was a close associate with Hollywood film producer Mark Bishop. Hopgood specialized in making props and other set provisions. However, he was heavily involved in the lecherous side of Hollywood. Hopgood's casting room was mainly used to stage and film sexual exploitations and other pornographic materials, using a secret camera room as well as a supply of chloral hydrate. Hopgood kept the films and made profits, selling them to burlesque businesses and private collectors.

June Ballard enlisted Hopgood's aid in order to blackmail Bishop. Hopgood filmed Bishop molesting Jessica Hamilton during a screen test, but filmed Bishop's face in clear view. June took possession of the film and threatened to release it at Bishop's expense, exposing him as a rapist. Bishop attempted a double murder on June Ballard and Jessica Hamilton by staging a car crash. Bishop used one of Hopgood's prop shrunken head, wedging it against the accelerator, sending the car off an escarpment.

Events of L.A. Noire


Detective Phelps and Bekowsky investigated Hopgood's store during their search for Bishop, where they discovered his secret camera room. Phelps found Hopgood's chlroal hydrate and empty canister of Jessica's "casting." With these as evidence, Phelps questioned Hopgood and prepared to arrest him for his part in Jessica's rape and for collaborating with Ballard's blackmail against Bishop. However Roy Earle arrived and revealed that Hopgood was a Vice informant, thus Hopgood was given protection from arrest, much to Phelps' outrage.

Street Crimes (Vice)

However, he was later encountered in the streets, taking pictures up women's dresses. He nonchalantly threw his camera into the backseat of his car and attempted to outrun Phelps and Earle, but hit a trolley and was subsequently arrested and sent to prison for public indecency.

Case Appearances


Street Crimes (Vice)


  • Hopgood was probably a patient of Dr. Stoneman. He has a bottle of chloral hydrate in his film studio prescribed by Stoneman.
  • Hopgood was also previously married to a woman named Lorna who worked at the Bank of Arcadia.


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