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Newspapers are a vital source of information in Los Angeles in the time of L.A. Noire. The information is based around the events from Courtney Sheldon getting acquainted with Doctor Harlan Fontaine all the way up to the Suburban Redevelopment Fund's downfall.

Reading a newspaper will trigger "back-story revealing cinematics".[1]

There are a total of 13 newspapers. The game does not award an achievement or trophy for finding them all, but finding them is necessary for 100% completion. Newspapers are only accessible during regular storyline cases; they are not found in the downloaded/Complete Edition bonus cases or in free roam.


Newspaper Headline
Smoothing the path.png
SHRINK SAYS: The mind is the final frontier.

Location: On a crate in an alleyway ("Upon Reflection").

Date: Monday 23 December 1946

ALIENIST FONTAINE: Provides Help to Troubled Vets.

Location: On a table in the dining room of the Black Residence ("The Driver's Seat".)

Date: Tuesday 7 January 1947

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SHRINK TO THE STARS: Promises Mental Breakthrough .

Location: On the counter in Ray's Cafe (A Marriage Made in Heaven).

Date: Friday 10 January 1947

DOPE FLOODS STREETS: Cops Chase War Surplus Contraband

Location: Marlon Hopgood's prop store near the shrunken heads (The Fallen Idol).

Date: Tuesday 17 January 1947

The deaths were unfortunate.png

FAMILY BURNT TO DEATH: Cops Say House Fire Deaths Are Suspicious.

Location: Henry Residence in the living room (The Red Lipstick Murder).

Date: Monday 18 August 1947

MISSING MORPHINE: Cops Say: Goons Fighting Dope War

Location: Hobo Camp in Stuart Ackerman's shack (The White Shoe Slaying).

Date: Monday 25 August 1947

MICKEY COHEN: Heir Apparent to Bugsy Siegel.

Location: Ramez Removals in the warehouse on the table (The Black Caesar).

Date: Wednesday 3 September 1947

ALIENIST FONTAINE: Working Selflessly to Help the Infirm.

Location: American Legion Boxing Stadium in the locker room (The Set-Up).

Date: Monday 8 September 1947

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LAPD VICE SCANDAL: Could Go All the Way to the top.

Location: In the Alleyway Crime Scene at the end of the chase (Manifest Destiny).

Date: Tuesday 16 September 1947

Everything will be erased.png
HOUSING DEVELOPMENT BURNS: Ex-Servicemen Irate as GI Houses Razed.

Location: Morelli Residence in the front garden to the right (A Walk in Elysian Fields).

Date: Friday 19 September 1947

A scandalous allegation.png
SUBURBAN REDEVELOPMENT: Fund Promises 10,000 New Homes.

Location: Leland Monroe's Mansion on the desk in his office (A Polite Invitation).

Date: Wednesday, 24 September 1947

CRUSADE AGAINST CORRUPTION: Petersen Pledges to clean up LAPD.

Location: Rapid Exterminators inside the store (A Different Kind of War).

Date: Monday 29 September 1947

A better man than youll ever be.png
"FACE OF PROGRESS": Says Mayor of Developer Leland Monroe.

Location: Dr. Fontaine's Surgery in his office (A Different Kind of War).

Date: Tuesday 30 September 1947

In-Game Locations of Events (Work In Progress)

  • FAMILY BURNT TO DEATH: COPS SAY HOUSE FIRE DEATHS ARE SUSPICIOUS; Dr Fontaine's Surgery, where Harlan Fontaine is speaking to Ira Hogeboom over the phone, the latter is in a red-coloured payphone booth in a park directly opposite.
  • THE FACE OF PROGRESS: SAYS MAYOR OF DEVELOPER LELAND MONROE; the Brown Derby (inaccessible but nonetheless has a detailed interior seen through the transparent windows of the restaurant's non-functional doors, implying it was intended to be made available to explore.
  • CRUSADE AGAINST CORRUPTION': PETERSEN PLEDGES TO CLEAN UP LAPD; keep to the east side of the road from Wilshire Police Station and head up until you reach the corner of Beverly and Vermont.

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LA Noire Remaster - Newspapers Locations

Interactive Map

Interactive Newspaper Map


  • In Red Dead Redemption (another game published by Rockstar Games), you can only purchase and read newspapers to be updated on the game world's events. This was the first time that Newspapers appeared readable in a Rockstar Games' game.
  • A Different Kind of War is the only time when two newspapers are featured in the same case.
  • The newspapers at Leland Monroe's Mansion and Rapid Exterminators are the only two that can be read while playing as Jack Kelso.
  • In the remaster, the newspaper cutscenes are no longer skippable.



Here are the sound effects that play when you obtain a newspaper: 1: 2: Intro 1: Intro 2: