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Novels are collectible items exclusively found in the Remastered Edition of L.A. Noire. There are just 8 of them scattered around Los Angeles, making them the smallest collectible set. Finding all of them is not required for 100%, but will reward the player with the Well Read Individual achievement/trophy and the Hard-Boiled Detective Outfit.

The novels included, and their respective cover art, are from the L.A. Noire: The Collected Stories. While similar, the novel covers omit the authors' names that are included in the published collection.


Discovery image Title Location
L A Noire 20171117065738.jpg
The Girl On one of the shooting range counters, downstairs at Eagleson's Gun Store.
L A Noire 20171117063350.jpg
See the Woman On a table booth at the diner inside of the Beverly Blvd. Bus Station.
L A Noire 20171117062531.jpg
Naked Angel Inside of Reggie's Cafe, on Glendale Blvd.
L A Noire 20171117064108.jpg
Black Dahlia & White Rose On a park table south of Romaine Ave. in Hollywood, near the edge of the map.
L A Noire 20171117062933.jpg
School for Murder On Bleachers (near the northeast side of the track) at Belmont High School's athletic track.
L A Noire 20171117064726.jpg
What's in a Name On a balcony at the Hollywood Police Station. The balcony is on the top floor. 
L A Noire 20171117063819.jpg
Hell of an Affair In a corner room at the Wilshire Police Station. The door you need to enter will read "Bunco Division", it will be on the top floor.
L A Noire 20171117064410.jpg
Post-War Boom Behind Parnell's Soup Co. Factory. On top of a table at a Hollywood playground, between Cahuenga Blvd. and Vine St., south of Fountain Ave.

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