"I've been watching the place for ten years. I've been waiting for something like this!"
―Oswald Jacobs

Oswald Jacobs is a character in L.A. Noire.



Jacobs lived in Los Angeles. One evening, he observed a Packard car, which belonged to Consul General of Argentina Juan Francisco Valdez, in his backyard. He also observed men of Mexican descent stealing the tires off of the car. The men, one of which was Gabriel Del Gado, got into a Ford car, and sped off.

Jacobs took a peek at the car, and also read Valdez's Notebook, which contained phone numbers and characteristics of young boys. Jacobs later alerted the police and notified them about the situation.

Events of L.A. Noire

Jacobs was interviewed by traffic detectives Cole Phelps and Stefan Bekowsky, in order to gain information on the case. The detectives found many clues around Jacobs' house, including a wrench which belonged to a car dealership.

Jacobs is encountered again during the traffic street crime "Hung Out to Dry", where it is found that he works as a security guard for a suit store. He informed detectives Phelps and Bekowsky that a robbery was taking place in the store. Phelps and Bekowsky assisted Jacobs, and subdued the burglars.

Case Appearances


Street Crimes (Traffic)


  • Even if The Consul's Car is not downloaded, Phelps will still recognize Jacobs during Hung Out to Dry, even though Jacobs has never been seen by the player.
  • He seems to dislike kids playing stickball in his yard. He even asked the detectives to do something about the kids who were playing. He was, however, met with sarcasm by Bekowsky, who told him that they would bring him an umpire's mask.