Outfits are sets of clothing that Cole Phelps can wear in L.A. Noire. New outfits are unlocked as the player's rank increases. Additional outfits can be obtained through pre-order bonuses and downloadable content. You can change outfits at any time in the "Outfits" section in the pause menu. You cannot change outfits during cutscenes or interrogations, however. Several of the outfits augment Cole's abilities. However, you cannot change outfits while on the Patrol desk, or while playing as Jack Kelso.

List of Outfits

Standard Outfits

Standard outfits are included in the game:

Bonus Outfits

Bonus outfits can be obtained only through pre-order bonuses and downloadable content:

Remastered Edition Bonus Outfits

Bonus outfits that can only be obtained on the Remastered Edition (PS4, XBoxOne, Nintendo Switch) versions of the game:

  • The Hard-Boiled Detective - Permanently removes one of the incorrect actions during interviews. Unlocked by finding all eight of the Novels.
  • The Incognito - Makes it more difficult to be discovered while tailing persons of interest. Unlocked by completing all of the Vice Desk cases without ever being discovered while tailing suspects.
  • The Murphy - Permanently removes the reloading animation for handguns, shotguns, and Tommy Guns. Unlocked after completing the Obstacle Course at the Army Base in under 3 minutes.
  • The Untouchable - Prevents you from taking damage from fistfights and also does not show bloodstains. Unlocked by dodging 20 punches in a row without being hit.



LA Noire Remaster - All Outfits

LA Noire Remaster - All Outfits

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