The Pacific Electric Baldwin VO-1000 Locomotive is a model of train in L.A. Noire. It is a non-drivable vehicle.


The train can be found going through rail yards, railroad crossings and even driving on the lines in the street. The train occasionally sounds a whistle.

If Cole, Jack, an NPC or a car is placed on the rail track in front of an oncoming train, it will stop and wait until the obstruction is out of the way before moving on.


This locomotive has a pantograph (trolley) pole located on top of the engine compartment. This pole did not deliver power to the engine, but was used to activate signals when the train traveled down electrified tracks (common when running on private right-of-ways). Pacific Electric was unique among railroads for having this feature. However, the reversible pole is facing the wrong way for the direction it's traveling.

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