Pacific Electric Railway Streetcars (also known as the Red Car system) were part of an interurban and streetcar (tram) system that served Los Angeles in the 1940s. The system was operated by the Pacific Electric Railway. The system has lines that run throughout the city, particularly in and around Downtown, Westlake, and Wilshire. There are a few main subway terminals located throughout the city, as well as carbarns. Some terminals are the Main St. Terminal and the Lucas Avenue Trolley Station. The system also operates a tunnel that goes from Downtown, across the street from The Hotel Clark to underneath an overpass in Westlake. The tunnel is featured in the Street Crimes case "Unsuccessful Holdup" and is the scene of a shootout.

The Pacific Electric Railway System can also be seen in the Arson case "A Walk in Elysian Fields" as Cole Phelps attempts to chase down Herbert Chapman, who was accused of causing of arson to the Sawyer family home.

The cars are depicted in LA Noire as PCC streetcars. In reality, Pacific Electric only operated thirty of these vehicles, in an unusual double-ended configuration complete with two trolley poles (not all lines had a loop at each end to allow cars to turn around). The majority of Pacific Electric streetcars in Los Angeles remained Hollywood cars until April 1961 when the network was closed. The other large streetcar network, the Los Angeles Railway (aka The Yellow Car system) only lasted a further two years, until 1963. The oil crisis a decade later showed the folly of these closures.


  • Streetcars cannot be entered or ridden.
  • The Red Car is featured in the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit which is also set in Los Angeles in 1947.
  • Tram cars can be derailed if it collides with a fast moving car.
  • Information on the Pacific Electric (Archived)
  • The sound made by the cars is incorrect: there is no electrical crackling, the loudest noise is the deep metallic rumble of the wheels. Youtube link
  • The large Union Pacific F-Class passenger trains seen at Union Station also use this incorrect sound.
  • A Hollywood Car and a 500-Class interurban car can be seen in sidings at the tunnel entrance on Hill Street between 4th and 5th Streets.
  • Streetcar stops can be identified by a white marking between the lanes at intersections, and a triangular yellow 'Electric Car Stop' sign.
  • On June 15, 2012, The Red Car Trolley debuted at Disney California Adventure as apart of the newly-expanded Park. The Attraction can be ridden by guests and stops at various places throughout the Park.

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