The Packard Custom is a 2-Door class vehicle available in L.A. Noire. At 132 MPH, it is the fastest normal vehicle in the game, but if the Bonus vehicles are included, it is the second fastest, losing only to the Duesenberg Walker Coupe. (In-game, however, top speeds for all vehicles appear to be capped at about 86 mph).

This car is another of the few incorrectly labeled vehicles in the game as it is modeled after a 1940 Mercury Coupe customized with many Packard parts by Harry Westergard for owner Butler Rugard in 1941-42. It is based on this famous hot rod, featuring many of the common customizations of the time including a chopped top, a candy apple red paint job and fadeaway fenders. Other custom parts include DeSoto bumpers and a Buick grille.


This car can be found multiple times during the Street Crime mission "Hot Property" (Arson desk); it is the second car to swerve out of the way of the criminal.

It is also available in the first Arson case The Gas Man in the parking lot at the InstaHeat Factory at the corner of Beverly and Harvard Ave. in Wilshire.

It can also be found near the Illegal Race Street location in the Traffic DLC case "The Consul's Car" along with the Buick Custom.


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