Raymond Gordon is a character in L.A. Noire, and the Editor-In-Chief of the Los Angeles Times.



Raymond Gordon is the Editor-In-Chief of the Los Angeles Times and also a member in the Suburban Redevelopment Fund. Gordon invested in Leland Monroe's scheme to build houses for returning GI's. However, the true intent of the group was to extort millions of dollars from the government. Gordon primarily assisted Monroe by using the Los Angeles Times to provide positive press and coverage of the SRF.

Events of L.A. Noire

Gordon met with Mayor Fletcher Bowron, Police Chief William Worrell and District Attorney Donald Sandler, all members of the SRF, to discuss the Vice Department's scandal with the prostitute known as "Brenda". The scandal was close to being revealed to the public and threatened to expose the corruption of the current administration. During the meeting, Gordon revealed that the Times newspaper could not drop or cover the story without damaging the paper's creditability. However, a solution was offered by detective Roy Earle, who revealed the affair between Cole Phelps and Elsa Lichtmann. Gordon published the story, exposing the affair and distracting the public from the Vice scandal and corruption.

However, the investigation of Phelps, Herschel Biggs and Jack Kelso had undone the SRF. Gordon's fate is unknown. Either his involvement was exposed, leading to subsequent imprisonment, or his corruption was concealed, allowing him to walk away from the scandal a free man.

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