"A Red, huh? Sneaky bastard. Oh I'm going to enjoy this."
Roy Earle

"Secret Keepers" is a Vice street crime case in L.A. Noire.


Phelps is called in to take a captured suspect into custody, but it leads to him capturing a man wanted by the government.

Dispatch Call Script

Dispatch: Any Central unit, suspect to be taken into custody at Southern California Auto Club. Stand by for further. Unit to handle identify, Code Two.

Cole Phelps: 11K responding. Go ahead with the further.

Dispatch: 11K, see the security guard. An apprehended suspect to be taken into custody from the Southern California Auto Club, 6201 Santa Monica Boulevard. 11K handle, Code Two.


Phelps arrives at the scene where a security guard has a man who was trying to tail a patron of the California Auto Club in Hollywood, Los Angeles. The suspect, Charlie Conway, says that the man he was trying to follow was under investigation by the federal police. The detectives go to the parking lot to find the suspect washing his car. As Phelps and Earle approach, the man gets in his car and flees. The officers take the car that was behind his and give chase. The chase continues through many alley ways until the suspect's car is disabled by Phelps or it is struck by a truck.

Video Walkthrough

Secret Keepers - Street Crime - L.A

Secret Keepers - Street Crime - L.A. Noire