Street Crimes, also referred to as Side Missions or Unassigned Cases, are a feature in L.A. Noire. During your drive to a case or back from one, gunshots--or random skirmishes--will occur on the streets of L.A. The police dispatcher will sometimes signal you to help in a gun battle or a bank robbery. As Cole Phelps, a detective, it is your job to solve cases, but it is also your job to protect the citizens of the city.

The many unassigned cases will range from minor crimes such as petty theft, peace disturbances, and burglaries, to more serious ones such as armed robberies, gang disputes, and hostage situations. Each desk has its own set of Street Crimes. If you miss any during your playthrough, you can attempt to get them all by replaying the respective desk in the free-roaming Streets of L.A. under the "Cases" in the main menu. The dispatch calls come in quick succession unlike in Story mode. In Free Roam, you can quickly switch between Street Crimes on the Map. Street Crimes appear as pedestrians on the Map, and are color-coded like so; Red Street Crime icons have yet to be completed. When a Street Crime is selected, its icon turns yellow, and becomes your new current destination. Finally, upon completion, the Street Crime icon turns white. If all Street Crimes on a desk are completed, a message on the top left of the screen will occasionally appear and tell you about it. Completion of 1 Street Crime will unlock the Achievement/Trophy "A Cop on Every Corner". Completion of 20 will unlock "Johnny on the Spot", and completion of all 40 will unlock "The Long Arm of the Law".

There are a total of 40 Street Crimes in L.A Noire in all desks except Patrol, which is the only desk where Streets of L.A. isn't available.

List of cases


There are a total of twelve street crimes unlocked on the Traffic desk.


There are a total of thirteen street crimes unlocked on the Homicide desk.


There are a total of ten street crimes unlocked on the Vice desk.


There are a total of five street crimes unlocked on the Arson desk.

Street Crimes Map

Street Crime Map


  • Street crimes show up as both red icons and grey icons. Per this page on the Rockstar Games Support site: "Street crimes that have been completed will show up as grey icons on the map while new street crimes show up as red icons."
  • This feature is similar to the "Random Characters" in Grand Theft Auto IV, as well as the "Random Encounters" and "Strangers" in Red Dead Redemption.
  • You can receive three achievements/trophies through unassigned cases: A Cop on Every Corner, Johnny on the Spot, and The Long Arm of the Law.
  • Sometimes, Cole re-encounters characters from the main story cases in the street crimes.
  • Partners will drive you to the location of street crime as a primary location if marked with yellow on the map. Also, in The Streets of L.A. (Free Roam), you can pinpoint the Street Crime location through your map, then you can have your partner drive to the road or parking lot near the location you choose; the dispatch call will play again in the loading screen, and you will respond automatically.
  • In Free Roam, multiple Street Crimes can occur at once, so you may arrive at another Street Crime location while driving to the Street Crime location you are heading to.
  • Street Crimes can only be accessed at certain times of the day. That is applicable for story mode and free roam. For example, almost all Arson street crime cases are available only during the day. Street Crimes will appear at all times even if completed, so if it is only available at night, you may have to drive around or wait until day. This is a good time to look for Film Reels, Landmarks, and also cars if you are waiting for a certain street crime.
  • If you need a certain night/ day street crime to complete the trophy, you can enter and exit free roam mode until the conditions change from night to day or vice versa.
  • After completing a Street Crime, Police vehicles automatically spawn after the cut-scene rolls.
  • Some street crimes repeat at the same locations, over different desks.
  • In some street crimes during the dispatch call, Stefan Bekowsky and Roy Earle will sometimes comment sarcastically on the situation, where as Rusty Galloway and Herschel Biggs will always keep quiet.

Video Walkthrough

LA Noire Remaster - All Street Crimes The Long Arm of the Law Trophy Achievement

LA Noire Remaster - All Street Crimes The Long Arm of the Law Trophy Achievement